While going through your shot list, you get to the bridal party section and wonder type of shots and poses do I want? In your mind you’re probably thinking, I’ll just let my wedding photographers do all the work : ) Yes us NJ NYC Philly wedding photographers have a variety of poses but we also want to bring out the personalities of each bridal party member. There are basically two types of bridal party poses us wedding photographers like to go off from. One is something more fun and the other is more editorial.

For the fun bridal party photos we get each bridal party involved, whether it’s something silly, funny, goofy, or just outrageously crazy, we are open to that. Another one is something more playful that involves the bride and groom trying to kiss while the bridal party is holding them back. Lastly we have the classy bridal party portraits where everyone knows each other pretty well and we just ask them to act natural. Oh don’t forget the group selfie, those are really fun : ) Here are some examples.

Another type of style and pose us NJ NYC Philadelphia wedding photographers like to do are the editorial poses. This style is a little more time consuming as it requires a little bit of modeling. Sometimes when a member doesn’t know what to do, no worries we got it covered, we will show you! Everyone has that GQ, Vogue, RBF (resting bitch face) look they’re anxiously waiting to bring when on the wedding day. Below are some samples.

About Us Wedding days are challenging as there are a million things going on, the last thing you want to do is what pose should I do, where should I stand, and/or where should I put my hands. We here at 1314 Studio are a team of experienced wedding photographers and videographers will help, direct, and guide you on how you should pose so that you look as natural as possible at the same time look like models from a magazine. Check out our wedding gallery and engagement photography for more samples. Follow us on Facebook Page and Instagram Page to see what we are up to these days!