If you have been following us New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia wedding photographers blog, we have been providing helpful tips on your wedding day. So far we highlighted hair and makeup tips for weddings and even engagements, since a lot of brides and soon to be brides do ask us a lot questions regarding hair and makeup for photos. Relating to hair and makeup we posted another article on how to get the best bridal portraits on your wedding day. One of the most asked question we get is should we do a first look or not on our wedding day.

After your hair and makeup is finished, we photographed the bride then we did the first look or have the groom wait for the first looking during the ceremony we finally get to photograph the bride and groom alone. This part of your wedding day is super important to us because these are the ones you will print out, make wedding albums, send thank you cards and blow up to display around your house. There are so many elements that come into play when it comes to bride and groom portraits. You can check out more helpful tips here.

We offer a variety of styles of photos when it comes to the bride and groom. We incorporate the traditional wedding portraits where bride and groom just look and smile at the camera. Most of the time these are closeups. While keeping it simple we like to add a kiss here and there because we know you guys can’t wait to kiss each other after getting married!

You guys took so much time researching, meeting with your wedding venues, and many trips to finalize your wedding venue we want to ensure that we capture it beautifully! If you have photos you want us to re create we can surely do that but also know that we are well prepared to be creative and make use of the time given. Whether the grounds has waterfalls, unique signs, cool architecture, or if it has nothing don’t worry we can make something out of it by using off camera flash photography!

Now that all the pictures with the bride and groom are finished, you can exhale and move on to the next part of your wedding day! We hope this was helpful in planning your wedding day but also know what to expect from us. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding wedding photography.

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