As you and your fiance sit down to go over your wedding timeline you have one tough decision to make: Should we do the first look or not?

Let’s go over the pros of having a first look. Essentially the first look is for the groom to see the bride before the wedding ceremony. During this time, she’s all dolled up, fresh makeup, hair is style intact, and she’s probably really excited to see how her groom looks! During the first look, it’s suppose to be very intimate and very candid allowing all the emotions to erupt. The first look can be very traditional with a tap on the shoulder to something more fun like a smack in his behind, or even a blind fold. Usually wedding photographers can suggest how the first look goes about or we consult with the bride how she wants it to be.

Another conflict couples run into is not enough time for portraits after the ceremony! So after the first look the photographers take this time to take bridal party photos, groomsmen photos, bridesmaids photos, and remainder of the time is for bride and groom. After the ceremony the couple only needs to take photos of family and then they can enjoy their cocktail hour or some a little more time with the photographers to take sunset wedding photos. Here are some examples of the first look before the ceremony.

If you guys decided to go the traditional route and have the groom wait until he seems you down the aisle there are some positives as well.

You guys build the suspense within each other, the bride doesn’t know what her groom looks like and the groom doesn’t know what his bride looks like. As soon as those double doors swing open, all the suspense, anticipation, emotions built up are now released! You will get the most genuine and the most beautiful reaction from the groom. We New Jersey and New York wedding photographers capture both the grooms reaction and the reactions of the parents and the guests at the wedding ceremony. These two combined gives the bride and the groom some timeless/kodak moments. Yes this does mean you probably have to skip most of your cocktail hour because you still need to do the family photos, bridal party photos and the bride/groom photos.

At the end of the day having the first look before or after the ceremony, you will get timeless photographs of the bride and the grooms reaction no matter what. It’s a matter of how much time is allotted for the first look and portraits but also what’s most important and most convenient as well. Hope this helps you guys decide to have the first look before the ceremony or not. Please come back for more tips and advice! Follow our social media for up to date photos! Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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