1. Tough decisions for the bride!

Brides you wake up super early, sometimes as early as 4am to get your hair and makeup done so that you are ready for photographers to take wedding photos. Going through an extensive referral list of makeup artists and hair stylists ensuring they will make you look perfect on your wedding day, you have to pick 1 person or a team to do that for you. In the span of 3-4 hours you are also making phone calls/text to florists, wedding officiant, bakery, wedding photographers, wedding videographers, and/or your groom making sure everything is going according to the timeline that you spend weeks, days, and hours putting together.

Check out some makeup artists and hair stylists below
Blush Bar
Pretoria Salon
Makeup by Liz Gizelle
Flawless Beauty by Pauline

2. Time to make the bride look perfect!

After the bridesmaids get their hair and makeup done, it’s now your turn! Most of the time you are left with 1.5 hours sometimes only 1 hour to get dolled up. Most of the time us NJ wedding photographers come for the bride prep photos the bride is usually not even done. The hair and makeup artists want to ensure you look perfect so it will take time so a little tip is to give them the time they need to do that : ) After you’re all done the countouring, lash application, blush applied and curls are perfect it’s time to take photos! Make sure you get a selfie of yourself and/or your bridesmaids!

3. It’s time to shine

The best location to take those bridal portraits depends where the best light will be. Here’s another tip for getting the best bride portrait, when choosing a location for bridal prep photos choose the place with a lot of window lighting, lots of personality, and/or a well decorated room. Most of the time wedding venues have their bridal suite, hotels have their suites, and/or your house will be the living room or the bedroom.

4. It’s time for us NJ/NYC wedding photographers to give you your unique bride portrait

We NJ/NYC/PA wedding photographers want to give you that classic but beautiful bridal portrait, sometimes we go a little beyond the norm to create and incorporate the unique background that you provided for us. Below you can see some examples of what we are talking about.

Below are some venues we love to shoot at

Snug Harbor Staten Island
The Ryland Inn
Skylands Manor in Ringwood
The Venetian in Garfield
Cescaphe Event Group
Hyatt Regency Jersey City

If this was helpful come back for more little tips to ensure you get the best wedding photos. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would to know how we achieve these type of photos! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see behind the scenes photos.

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