So you just got engaged to the love of your life there are a few things you need to think of before you actually plan for a wedding. Here are 3 things we NJ/NYC wedding photographers came up with.

1. What season do I want to have my wedding?

Having a winter wedding has its pros and cons. Let’s figure out why it’s not good to have a winter wedding in terms of wedding and engagement photos. IT’S COLD! The temperatures remain around 5-20 degrees Fahrenheit. There are chances the ground is slippery and icy so it’s dangerous to walk or drive in it. The days are shorter so the sun sets earlier forcing the bride and groom to wear additional layers before they freeze to death. Some brides want that winter wonderland wedding where the snow is falling and everything just looks so beautiful. The lighting when it snows will give some amazing soft snow wedding photos. If you’re on a tight budget then a winter wedding is great! You have more venues to choose from and many will give you a great deal since it’s their slow season.

Once March turns around the corner that means Spring is almost here. The weather is starting to get a little warmer but not quite warm yet. It is still very unpredictable. For those who have allergies, having an outdoor ceremony is a killer! The rain is your worst enemy during the spring but don’t give up hope for a Spring Wedding! The cherry blossoms arrive, the air is fresh and clean for an outdoor or indoor wedding ceremony photos. Everyone loves the cherry blossoms as it gives soft pastel colors and adds a romantic feel perfect for your wedding photos. This is one of the best times to shoot NJ engagement photos, NYC engagement photos, Philadelphia engagement photos and anywhere you would like. With the weather being nicer, you are guarantee to have more guest to want to attend your special day!

Summer, everyone has a love hate relationship with it. Brides hate it when they’re standing outside in 90 degrees sweating off all the makeup that took 1-2 hours to put on. Wedding venues book up quickly along with other vendors like us NJ/NYC/Philadelphia wedding photographers, videographers, florists, and etc. A good thing about summer is the days are longer so you don’t have to worry about the daylight. When the sun goes down, outdoor ceremonies or receptions are a great twist to the traditional indoor reception. Flowers are in full bloom, the food options are unlimited and you get the most amazing sunsets that lasts for dayysssss. If you love the beach, the summer is the perfect time to have a beach wedding and beach wedding photos. Couples usually plan their engagement photo shoot during this time.

People wait all year long for the fall foliage and when it comes around everyone wants to take fall engagement photos, fall wedding photos and get married. Venues and vendors get booked up faster in this this compared toothers. Prices for these venues tend to skyrocket since the demand is high. If you don’t book your vendors early, it will be slim pickings and you don’t get the vendors you really want to work with. Once the venue and your favorite vendors are booked, you are super happy. The weather is just right, the foliage is in full swing. The outdoor ceremony is more achievable as it won’t rain nor be too hot compared to other seasons.

2. There are so many types of weddings out there. We have destination, beach, boat/cruise, traditional, elope in Vegas/City Hall, and etc. What type of wedding do I want to have?

Let’s start off with the traditional wedding. You get ready at a hotel, go straight to the church say your vows, take family photos, zoom straight to the park for photos, and then last destination is the ballroom/venue of your choice where you dance the night away. You jam pack everything into one day which requires a lot of planning and finances to support your dream wedding. Traditional weddings are usually local, a lot of people will make it to your wedding, and you have access to a lot more vendors like your NJ/NYC/Philly wedding photographers.

Summer is a perfect time for a beach wedding and perfect for summer beach wedding photos. Although the venues are limited, once they are booked you will have access to the beach, boardwalk, and vacation rentals where you will have the option to spend a few days before and after your wedding. Although it’s really hot, you can schedule your ceremony and reception towards the evening hours of the day. Skip the suit and ties and bring out the shades, summer dresses, shorts, and floral shirts. Menus are filled with fresh foods, usually local seafood, meats, and vegetables. As the sun goes down, you will get the most picturesque beach wedding photos thanks to the beautiful sunset. What more can you ask for?!

If you want something different, and you love idea of riding along the ocean/river with the view of the city then a boat/cruise wedding is for you. With these types of weddings, it’s a one stop shop as the coordinator either has a preferred list of vendors or a set of vendors you have to use. In both cases, you don’t have to worry about finding the vendors. They do most of the planning for you. Timing is very strict, once the boat leaves the dock, you are unable to attend the wedding. So if you want to attend the wedding, please arrive early! It’s quite romantic as guests can go to the top deck, enjoy the beautiful night views, and take selfies.

Ever thought of your dream wedding to be in Hawaii, the Bahamas, or the Asian islands? This type of wedding is usually more intimate with fewer guests. Guests usually have to pay for their flights, and hotels accommodations. Along with the expenses to get there, you will need the proper paperwork, vacation days approval, and babysitting for the kids. On the flip side, it’s perfect if you’re due for a vacation. The scenery is beautiful, the temperatures is great, and you have a chance to explore the island on your spare time. Wedding planning is a lot easier and it’s cheaper since the hotel/resort supplies all the vendors for you. Once the party is over, head up to the room for an after party.

Want something even more simple and intimate? Let’s hop in a car or book a flight and hotel en-route to Vegas! You can have 2-10 friends/family members go with you to witness you getting eloped. There are exclusive package which includes limo from your hotel to the chapel, a wedding photographer, an album/slideshow and you are able to get your marriage license much quicker.The money you save from getting eloped can be put that into a vacation. Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. If you want to stay local then let’s drive to City Hall, fill out paperwork and setup for a date to get married after that you can take city hall wedding photos. Simple enough right?

3. Lastly, do you want a traditional wedding or a more modern wedding?

Our parents and grandparents come from all different countries and with each country bringing its own unique way of celebrating weddings. With South Eastern Asian weddings, there are tea ceremonies. The groom side comes to the bride’s family’s residence to have a ceremony in which the elders and family members are given tea to drink from the couple to show respect and in return they give blessings in form of money or jewelry to the couple. After the ceremony is over, the bride’s parents give away their daughter to be with her husband and his family. Following the ceremony, there is a celebration at a restaurant or banquet hall.

With a Hindu wedding, their weddings are generally 2-5 days long with each event being 4-6 hours for each. Prior to their wedding ceremony, they have a few rituals they perform at venues or at their homes which includes a bridal shower, an engagement, the groom entering bride’s residence with dancing and music and a henna party. Their actual wedding ceremony is quite extensive and every ritual has a meaning. They decorate the Mandap (the area on stage where the ceremony is conducted and where most of the Hindu wedding ceremony wedding photos are taken) with lots of colors, and flowers. The actual ceremony lasts approximately 2 hours with a lot of rituals happening during those 2 hours. After the ceremony is over and the couple is married, they have a big celebration with guest sizes up to 500. The budget of these types of weddings can depend on guest size, venue locations, vendors, and how extravagant you want the wedding to be. Our NJ/NYC/Philly wedding photographers specialize in Hindu/Muslim wedding ceremonies and wedding reception photography.

This day and age as we grow up in the modern world, we like to stray away from tradition and put a little twist to our wedding and our wedding photos. We have a first look before the actual wedding ceremony, bridesmaids wear mismatch wedding dresses, personal vows are written, and ceremonies can take place anywhere. You can be as creative as you want with save the dates, invitations, programs, seating arrangements, and/or floral decorations. For entertainment we have DJ’s with tons of uplighting, a photo booth where guests can take fun silly photos and get instant prints for memories and/or video booths where you can record short clips of you and your friends having fun.

Now that you’ve decided what season to have your wedding, what type of wedding you will plan, and if you’re going the traditional way or the modern way. Here is the tough part, WEDDING PLANNING!

Don’t worry we are here and with the help of Wedding Wire, our New Jersey and NYC wedding photographers help you every step of the way to be organized, stay on track, and make the best decisions for your wedding vendors. Take a look at their Checklist. It has helped ease the stress of wedding planning so you can enjoy your wedding. Thanks for taking time to check out the checklist before the actual checklist. Connect with us via social media and if you have any questions feel free to shoot us an email. Cheers!