The Maserati Gran Turismo is one of the most beautifully crafted vehicles we have ever seen. From the sleek curves to the shear stance of the car, it makes one have to refrain from drooling.  It’s not everyday we get to see one of these in person, let alone get a day for us photographers to do a photo shoot! We eventually had to move indoors because of the weather, but even in the rain, the GT is just plain sexy-

Maserati photoshoot location: Edgewater, New Jersey

Edgewater Automotive Photography | 1314 StudioWest New York Car Photography | 1314 StudioWe drove by and found this place, which is awesome for a street shot.

Exotic Car Photography | 1314 StudioMaserati Gran Turismo Photo Shoot | 1314 StudioWe had to move into one of the mall garage because of the rain. Nothing crazy, but a change of the background was nice.

Hoboken Car Photography | 1314 StudioJersey City Car Photo Shoot | 1314 Studio

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