When it comes to taking pictures of babies and kids, we are no doubt the masters of multitasking. We will have a cute toy on one hand, a camera (or 2 cameras) on the other hand, running around the park with a synchronized chant of “smile baby, smile”. Sometimes, our cute baby model would much love a “silly-faces + hide-and-seek” play. Of course, we would do the deed and chase after him in exchange for the perfect dimples and an adorable smile.

Baby photography location: Jersey City, New Jersey
Baby model: “Monkey Boy”

Curly hair is the “it”  trend. It is cute and sexy. new jersey baby photography

Who can resist those adorable watery eyes?nj children photographer

Okie now, where is my toy?jersey city baby photographer

Where is my toy?!?!?!?!?!nj baby photographer

I can’t find my toy, so I guess I’m going  home?jersey city children photographer

Bye bye Jersey City. See ya next time. new jersey baby photographer

Jersey City NJ Photographer